Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel, the kid who fights back.

Nearly everyone has experienced a bully in their life, or even a group of bullies. Israel IS the bullied kid. And the rest of world (the U.S. excluded) is apparently the moonbat educrats of the public school system.

Let me take you back some twenty-three years ago. There was a kid that constantly picked on me, he made my life hell. The harassment ranged from verbal abuse to petty theft to physical aggression. I made all the attempts I (or my parents) could to stop the behavior. The teachers and principal instructed me to ingore the bullying or tell the teacher. Ingoring the behavior emboldened my tormentor and telling the teacher resulted in me getting in trouble for "tattling."

The final showdown happened at the school library. The bully and his friends cornered me. My bully hit me in the mid-section, it was not a good punch, but it angered me. I let loose with swinging my fists in the best windmill a nine-year-old could muster. I punished the air around me for several seconds before landing a blow out of sheer luck. When the teacher broke up the "fight" the bully was taken over to sit with the librarian look at books. I on the other hand was taken to principal's office where my parents were called.

What came next was a lecture from the principal of the school explaining that I had no right to hit that child. This child was a poor minority who had lived "a hard life" and his bullying behavior was to be excused. The bullying behavior not his fault, but the fault of his circumstances.

Fast forward to 2006. Israel his given the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians after years of terrorist attacks against citizens of Israel. How do Israel's "neighbors" respond? They continue the attack. Hamas crossed into Israel's land and kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Hezbollah kidnaps two. Now Israel is fighting back and is being condemned as wrong?!

Liberal moonbats are livid because Israel is defending itself. In the next days they will post on their blogs about every offspring of a terrorist (pardon me, 'freedom fighter') that gets killed during this, while caring nothing about Israeli deaths and even applauding them.

Israel's hostile neighbors instigated this hostility, they instigate it in every case. They bullies, and they are excused by the UN and the moonbats who enable them. Israel, well Israel is the kid fighting back.