Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I were President Bush's speech writer...

My fellow Americans, today, for the second time since taking the oath of office of the President of the United States of America I have exercised my right to veto legislation.  The Democrats in Congress presented to be today a bill that was said to be a "war funding bill".  The bill presented would indeed put money in the coffers of the military, but at a price.

Several months ago the military and I asked congress for funding to continue our mission in Iraq.  In return we received an offer, an offer to purchase the defeat of the United States military and the United States of America.  The men and women in uniform, serving in Iraq the offer from Congress was simple.  In return for the money to load your rifle, to fuel your humvee; you must hang your head, turn your back on the enemy you have been fighting for four years and march home in defeat.  Not because you do not desire victory, not because you cannot be victorious but because Democrats in Washington will not let you be victorious.

Over the past four years Democrats in Congress have offered criticism for our mission in Iraq but ideas for victory.  They have placed the ability of our troops to operate effectively beneath their own political careers.  They have called the operation a failure.  But while their mouths have been open, their eyes and ears have been closed.  Saddam Hussein will never again fill a mass grave, his sons will never again rape and torture at will, Abu Zarqwai will never again behead an innocent, and the Iraqi people will not fall under the boot of thugs and dictators again.  That is NOT failure.

The Democrats in Congress often question my plans and strategy for Iraq.  If the Democrats on Congress only listened to the troops they would know the plan.  The plan is the same as the first Americans had when they rebelled against British rule.  The plan is the same plan those American soldiers that fought at Gettysburg had.  The plan is the same plan the American Soldiers fighting in the trenches of Europe in 1917 had.  The plan is the same as the Americans that stormed the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima had.  The plan is the same plan as the men and women who defeated Saddam Hussein 16 years ago had.

That plan is one that the Democrats may not be familiar with.

The plan is to Win.