Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is anyone surprised at the NYT hit piece on McCain?

I'll begin with this.  After the Clinton presidency, who are Democrats, liberals and progressives to comment on a politicians extramarital affairs whether real or fabricated?


Now, with that out of the way let me talk about the New York Times' hit piece on John McCain.  In case you did not read the article, the supposed affair that John McCain is having with a lobbyist was never substantiated.  But whether or not McCain had an affair is not the issue.  The New York Times' reporting is.


You see, the New York Times had this story in December and they told McCain about it in December.  So why was this potentially damaging story held until now?  It sure was not benefit John McCain.  The New York Times wants a Democrat in the White House, plain and simple.  This story is evidence that the media is left leaning and attempting to manipulate the outcome of an election.


The New York Times could have published that story in December, but why not?  If the story was published then and had its desired effect then McCain would not be the Republican nominee.  Now, McCain is going to be the nominee, and now the media will strike.


I am not any more upset with the media than I normally am.  A snake is a snake and the NYT is the NYT.


A note to John McCain: you've stepped on the conservatives and gotten colzy with the Libs.  And where has it gotten you?  Did you honestly think that your Lib buddies wouldn't forsake you for Hillary or Obama?  Lesson learned.  I hope.