Monday, February 05, 2007

Big offensive in Iraq announced...

...In plenty of time to allow the bad guys to melt away.

Believe me, I'm all happy that we are launching this big operation in Baghdad but would someone please tell me why we are announcing it? Is it me or is the military and its leaders over communicating just a little bit?

I have a problem with this for many reasons. The first being that announcing your offense, i.e. letting everyone know that it's going to happen removes one of the biggest deciding factors in battle, the element of surprise. I just read it this morning, so I'm sure the insurgency knew about it well before that.

So what can we expect? The leadership of the insurgency will hightail it out of there well before the shooting starts. They will leave behind of few of the standard issue, not so bright, fanatical shooters with the promise of martyrdom. Of course these pre-martyrs will end up on the slab, not before making sure some women and children can be placed in the line of fire for propaganda to be sure. But the fact that they know we are coming increases the risk to our soldiers.

Finally, there is this notion of feeding this to the media. Why does the US Military insist on trying to play nice with the same media that is intend on making them look as bad as possible? You can play ball only so long when the other team is constantly screwing you over.

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