Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bush proposes tax rebate. Dems spin.

President Bush is working on a proposal to address economic worries. Within this plan he is proposing a "rebate" on income taxes. This is similar to the rebate we received in 2002. Singles are said to receive $600 and married couples receive $1,800.

Of course the media and libs are out there spinning this. Several stories have surfaced in the media where people are dragged out who will say that they don't feel like this will help the economy.

Let me ask, weeks ago when Hillary, Barack and Edwards were touting their "free" give aways wasn't this going to undoubted help the economy? Isn't that how it was touted in the media? So what's the difference between the Dem "giveaways" and Bush's "rebate?"

To begin, rebate is not the proper word. Refund is. Bush proposes taking money directly out of the government coffers (our money) and giving it back. Hillary's supposed free, universal healthcare or "baby bonds" redistribution of wealth. Under Democrats taxes will raise to pay for the program. Bush on the other hand recognizes that we have a tax surplus and is not going to spend it, but give it back.

This is only a half-solution. The real solution, make the tax cuts permanent.

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