Friday, June 09, 2006

Libs, Dems and America haters spinning about Zarqawi.

In case you haven't heard, Zarqawi is dead. The man that is responsible for thousands of deaths of both coalition soldiers and innocent Iraqis has left this planet courtesy of two 500 lb bombs from a US F-16. Naturally, before Abu's body was cold the hard left, Dems and America haters were starting their spin. Normally, the death of a wartime enemy of a nation is good news to the people of said nation, but not for these guys. If it benefits the war or more specifically George W. Bush, they are opposed. Believe me, our favorite hard left bloggers relish the idea of some great crisis that they can lay at Bush's feet.

The left is trying to spin this victory in a few different ways. The goal is to deprive Americans from feeling good about this victory.

What you most likely here Democrat politicians saying is a rehash of what they said about the capture of Saddam Hussein, "It means nothing, there will be another one (or two) that pops up right behind him and takes over." The second statement may be true, but does not make this victory mean nothing. Here's why, Zarqawi was the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, no organization can easily sustain the loss of its leader. No matter how much the Islamofacists release statements and such that they congatulate Zarqawi for becoming a martyr, they would much rather have him alive and leading their operations. The loss of Zarqawi is bad for morale. Secondly, Zarqawi had more than three years of experience fighting us "infidels". He was at the top of the decision making, tactics and strategy making process, now he is dead... and his knowledge and experience with him. The next guy that comes up will not be as seasoned as Zarqawi.

A continuation of that little piece of spin is that "Zarqawi is a Martyr, they will be emboldened more now." To that I say, Is Zarqawi a Martyr? I mean afterall, the Islamofacists are very fond of recruiting the easily persuaded with the promise that if they take on suicide missions against the infidels or die fighting the infidels that they go to paradise. When did Zarqawi take on his suicide mission? When did he engage the American soldiers? He never did. As a matter of fact, Zarqawi has spent the last several years in hiding. He didn't even believe what he was preaching. And deep down inside, our Islamofacist enemy knows this. So is our enemy "emboldened" by that fact that there leader was killed while hiding a in shack? Somehow I doubt it.

Finally we get to my favorite little piece of spin. "This is convenient timing". This a tried and true spin tactic that I have seen for years. The premise is that Zarqawi was dead (or Saddam was captured) long before the Government says he was. Why would the Goverment do this? To have a "get out of jail free" card so to speak. When things are going bad for Bush, he just leaks Zarqawi's death to the news and viola! The sheeple are distracted from whatever. Well the truth is the "This is convenient timing" spin is quite convenient. Simply because they will always be able to apply it. If we had killed Zarqwai in five months from now why it's an "October suprise". If we killed him six months ago, it would be to distract from judicial nominations, or three months ago to distract from the Cheney shooting.

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