Sunday, June 25, 2006

WMDs found, Libs try to change the game.

Well, well, well, it looks like we found WMDs in Iraq afterall. So what is next?

This week Senator Rick Santorum and Representative Pete Hoekstra announced that as early as 2004 US and coalition forces have several WMDs in Iraq. The WMDs are mainly comprised of Sarin and Mustard gas shells. You can read the details in this Fox News story (funny that CNN and MSNBC did not think this was news worthy):,2933,200601,00.html

With that I have a question for the Libs in the audience: what now? I mean, you've all these books, made all these t-shirts about how Bush lied about WMDs and now low and behold it turns out there were WMDs. For liberals there is only one thing to do, change the game.

With this discovery there will be three different directions that liberals take to spin this find:

1) The find is insignificant. They will say that the WMDs found were not a threat and not that big a deal. To that I say, tell those Kurds that were murdered that Sarin is no big deal.

2) The WMDs are ours. We supplied them to Hussein. Here's a clue, the WMDs found were primarily Sarin. Sarin the was the primary nerve agent used by the Soviet Union. Now, if it were VX that we found in Iraq then there'd be a beef.

3) Finally the classic claim that the report is false.

Primarily we will see spin #1 played out. Number #2 is primarily for the anti-war crowd and #3 for the paranoid conspiracy theory folks.

This however is to be expected. It will take us finding a nuclear arsenal large than that of the US and Russia combined before the Dems yield on the "WMD lie" spin.

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