Friday, April 20, 2007

Supreme Court uploads partial birth abortion ban

Earlier this week the Supreme Court upheld the legislation banning partial birth abortion. Naturally Liberals are livid by this decision. Over the week we have heard all the usual suspects yammering on about "women's health" and "women's rights" and so.

However, nowhere have seen these people call it as it is. Not once has anyone said, "This denies a woman the right to have a doctor reach into her, grab her unborn baby by the feet, pull it out up to his/her neck, jam a needle into the base of the babies skull, inject saline into the skull to 'loosen' all that brain matter before finally, using a vacuum cleaner to simultaneously suck the brains and collapse the skull."

For those of you that support this form of atrocity do not fret, rumor has it that your favored butchers are working on another form of late term abortion. In this method the baby is dismembered in the womb. Nice.

Here's the thing, the pro-abortion folks never want to talk about the baby. Anytime you talk to a pro-abortion zealot they will always talk about "rights" and "health" and "choice" as if someone is having a mole removed. But that is not it. They are removing and killing a human life.

Before signing off I can say to all the pro-abortion folks I've talked to, "YOU are the best person to make the case for abortion."

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