Sunday, April 15, 2007

What have some white boys NOT go to do to get some love?

After a more than one year long Liberal feeding frenzy, the three Duke (or Dukies for you Libro-Americans) lacrosse players have been cleared of all charges. Naturally, Liberals are miffed at this and have shown their disdain in various ways. And why should they not be upset? I mean afterall in the bizarro world that IS the Liberal mindset this was the perfect fairy tale story. A poor disadvantaged, black woman, forced to strip for a living because of social injustice raped by three rich, white, lacrosse playing, frat boys from Duke University (conveniently located in the South). I mean the only thing that could have made this more a Liberal wet dream would be if one of the accused was named Bush. There is one problem with the story, it wasn't true. At all.

For a year we were treated to guilty verdicts from the Libs all over the place from would-be John Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte with this little gem, "Can't a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?" To Mike Nifong's hooligan remarks. The thing to remember is that Liberals found these men guilty, with no trial, no evidence and an inconsistent story from the accuser. But now that the truth has been revealed the Libs are making all the efforts to find these men guilty of something or anything.

Our more "high-brow" Liberals in the media take the tact that these men may not be guilty of rape (like we've been saying for a year); but they are NOT innocent. That statement is followed by snippets about how the lacrosse players hired strippers, drank alcohol and allegedly said racial things to the strippers. The real award goes to Terry Moran who who lamented that if it were not for the fact that the players' families were able to afford good legal representation that they would have likely gone to prison. Oh great, if only their parents were a little poorer we could have sent these men to prison something didn't do, damn the luck.

For the lower brow Libs it breaks down to race and "class". You read plenty of "poor little white boys" remarks or "rich white boys will get on with their privileged lives" and so on. Bascially, it doesn't matter these men did not commit the crime but what does matter is that they have not suffered enough for being white, male, college students.

To the first I say this no one is truly innocent but we are talking about the law here. Is it illegal for men to hire strippers? The answer is no. Is it illegal to drink alcohol? No. Is it even illegal to call someone a racial slur. Morally disgusting but no. These men did not commit rape, they did not deserve to get indicted, they did not deserve the attempt at railroading that Nifong tried. But what they do deserve is for those papers that found them guilty to stand up and say, "These men are innocent."

To the second. Do these men not deserve equal protection of the law because they are white? Does due process not apply? Perhaps they are not even human and thus a year of derogatory and scathing indictments in the media do not matter? Go to any Lib blog. The Duke lacrosse players were not only guilty of "rape" but being white and "rich".

If we want a "color blind" society as so profess that color blindness has to work both ways.

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