Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Battle of the Moonbats

Ladies and gentlemen, Cindy Sheehan has once again taken her self-importance to a new level. Only weeks after vowing that she was leaving the game Cindy Sheehan is headed to Washington D.C. and if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has not impeached George W. Bush Cindy is going to challenge Pelosi for her House seat!

Cindy Sheehan has made quite a career for herself exploiting her heroic son's death and now she hopes to parlay that into a political career.

It will be the battle of battles. Mother Moonbat vs. Nancy PeLousy.

Here the possible outcomes all of which I find to be pleasing in various degrees:

1. Sheehan and Pelosi effectively split the kook vote enough to where a Republican wins. Pelosi is out, new Speaker is named, Sheehan loses too.

2. Sheehan wins, Pelosi is out, new speaker, Sheehan becomes an embarrassment on center stage.

3. Pelosi wins (least desireable), Sheehan is tossed out.

Of course the only way the scenario 1. happens is if someone spike the San Francisco drinking water with anti-psychotic medication.

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