Saturday, July 21, 2007

US Rep gets in argument with Capital Police

Hey guys I just read the Rep Christopher Shays (R) CT got into a shouting match and apparently grabbed a Capital Police officer while trying to bring visitors in through a restricted entrance.

Of course Rep Shays lost his temper and acted like an idiot and embarassed himself.

Predictably, the Dems and Libs have popped up comparing this to Cynthia McKinney. Is the right wing going to demand that Shays resign? And so on.

Here's the thing, on the surface these two incidents are very similar. One thing is that McKinney actually struck the officer and Shays did not; I don't need to tell you that in the left wing mind Republicans should be rounded up for any infraction. But the real difference is in how the situation was handled.

Did Shays blame the officer afterward? Did Shays cite some kind of prejudice? No, he said I'm sorry, I was wrong and I am to blame. These are things we never heard from Cynthia McKinney, that is the biggest difference.

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