Monday, July 02, 2007

Libs lash out with talk of "Fairness Doctrine"

Since the public spoke up, refused to be bullied and shut down the Senate's attempt to give illegal immigrants superior rights and protections the liberal have been been looking for a scapegoat. Talk radio is set to take the blame for the downfall of the bill.

The stage is now set for the government to impose the so called "fairness doctrine" on us. The premise is simple and it goes like this:

Radio companies are part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to indoctrinate the masses of this country by forcing "Svengalis" like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram down our throats and we are essentially a captive audience. No one really *wants* to listen to these shows but we have no alternative, we can't even turn off the radio to avoid indoctrination. It's not that there is a demand for Limbaugh and others, there just isn't enough liberal programming out there to equally "put the whammy" on the American public. The radio companies are perfectly willing to piss off their listeners by playing programming the public doesn't want and the collective American public has enough doodoo butter substituting for there brains that we just can't help but take it all in and just mindlessly accept it. Obviously, the government needs to step in and make it "fair".

This so-called fairness is not about fairness, it is about control.

Let's start with the liberal definition of fair. Liberals define fair by the outcome or results. In order for anything to be fair the results have to be the same. If liberals ran the Olympics everyone would get a gold medal (except for the American athletes). In the liberal mind the results should all be the same and they will change and govern the proverbial playing field until they get the results they want. The liberals think that it is not fair that Air America doesn't get the same ratings as Rush Limbaugh.

This fairness doctrine, like much of liberalism, assumes that the people are too stupid to decide what they want to listen to and even what their opinion is about the issues. Every American is a blank sheet of paper waiting for either Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken to fill in the blanks. In a nutshell, we are all morons.

The fairness doctrine also attempts to go against one of the very tenants of the Constitution. The congress is attempting to pass a law to control free speech.

Now let's get to the heart of this issue. What is this really about? The government wants to punish the talk radio folks. In their minds talk radio soured us against this great and wonderful immigration bill.

All talk radio did was tell us what was in it when our government representatives would not. Without Paul Revere the British Army would have surprised American revolutionaries, likewise without talk radio the Senate would have slid this bill under our noses.

Talk radio is accused of "whipping the public into a frenzy" but ask yourself do you need Rush Limbaugh to tell you to get mad about any of the following?:

-All illegal immigrants would benefit and get legal status, including known felons
-All back, unpaid income taxes would be forgiven
-No provisions for border enforcement

I didn't think so. Call your congressman and kill the fairness doctrine.

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