Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iranian missles aimed at US base in Iraq.

The United States military has found 50 Iranian "penetrator" missile launchers aimed at a US base in Iraq. The began after two of the same type of missiles were used in an attack the killed two American soldiers.

They have been sending people and weapons into Iraq to be used against our soldiers. What is it going to take for our government to strike back against Iran? Fearing just that Mahmoud has denied the evidence and at the same time threatened Israel.

I have to ask, what the hell are Iranian missiles doing in Iraq. It doesn't take General Patton to tell you close off the border between Iraq and Iran (of course Patton would what level Iran for its interference). But this should not come as a surprise since the government isn't even willing secure our own border.

I guess we can always offer the Iranians a "guest combatant permit".

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Van Helsing said...

This can't be true. According to Ron Paul, nothing in history hints that the nice ayatollahs running Iran would do anything to harm Americans.